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Apr 22

Spring into New Beginnings!

Spring is a all about renewal, new beginnings and blooming all around us ~ and when we’re aware, an awakening within ourselves.

But, before we move into something new we usually have to let go of something old. We can clean out the closets, clear out the clutter and have that yard sale…but, ultimately we have to make some space on the inside by letting go of some old ways of thinking that are holding us back.image

Letting go of old perceptions about ourselves and what we believe we are worthy of isn’t always easy ~ even when we feel ready for the “new” version of ourselves. Moving effortlessly into our new self takes awareness, honesty and practice to let go of what no longer serves us. Most of the time it’s a mindset ~


So, here goes ~ I’m letting go of the fear of success and stepping into my new platform. Letting go of doubting myself, playing small and the constant struggle. Now, I embrace working smarter not harder, having a support system and enjoying the ease in the effort. I have wonderful projects for good in the world and my heart is full and trusting. I am grateful for my health, happiness and abundance!


Ah! Now, it’s time to lighten up and shake off the old stuff!

April’s StrutFit “sneak peek” video picks up the pace, moves your energy around and really works your waist! Most of all, have some fun with it!

A big shout out to Fabletics for all the super cute active wear!

Let’s POP IT UP! 


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Don’t forget to treat yourself to a Super Soft &Sexy StrutFit Summer Tee!


Thank you for the support and let me know what YOU are letting go of and stepping into! Happy Rebirth!

"There is always time for gratitude and new beginnings"

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Linds Xxo

Mar 12

Spring Fever? Strut It Out!

If you haven’t already got it, you probably will very soon. The restlessness.  The daydreaming. The inclination to break out of the old and into something new.


You’ve got spring fever, ladies, and it’s time to Strut It Out!
Strut It Out is the latest sneak peek at my new DVD releasing in Summer 2014 — StrutFit, a total body workout for every woman combining yoga, cardio, and easy-to-follow dance moves. 

Strut Fit TV!
After you’ve done Heat It Up, it’s time to move! Make sure you have plenty of *sass* in your back pocket and join us to Strut It Out on my YouTube channel, Strut Fit TV.


Thanks to everyone who has already subscribed! We have nearly 3,000 views in just a few short weeks and growing! And if you haven’t yet, subscribe to Strut Fit TV on YouTube today! There’s more “Sneak Peek” videos to come!


The same cute clothes you saw us rockin’ in Heat It Up are in this latest teaser vid too. Thanks to Kate Hudson’s Fabletics for the dancewear and for featuring me as a member of their Masters Program. Thanks to our friends at Skechers too for the super cute and comfy tennies!


Speaking of clothes, StrutFit tees are coming soon and will be available on the site: so Stay Tuned!

Get Your Strut On!

StrutFit is designed to give you a sleek, slender, toned dancer’s body.
These are the same sexy, rockin’ moves I teach on tour with the Hollywood Connection Dance Convention 2014 Tour and on set with stars like Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu, Carmen Electra, Pamela Anderson, Christina Applegate, and more… You’ll move, look, and feel like the *STAR* that YOU are!


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Now, let’s get our Strut ON!

Lindsley Xx


Feb 26

Master Spotlight for Kate Hudson’s Fabletics!

Feb 13

Love Yourself Sexy, Curvy & Confident With Strut Fit TV!

You know those magic moments when you can really feel the full power of what it is to be a woman? That fabulous female essence that radiates from your very core? The freedom you feel on special occasions to really show yourself off for the secret star that you know you are, be it a hot date with your Valentine or a big night out on the town with your girlfriends?

Why are these magic moments so fleeting? Shouldn’t a woman feel the full power of her female essence every moment of every day? I certainly think so.

After years in the entertainment industry being an original Pussycat Doll, yoga instructor and celebrity choreographer and coach, I’m ready to share my secret with every woman! Introducing Strut Fit TV!

StrutFit will change the way you move, look, and feel.
Combining yoga, cardio, and easy-to-follow dance moves, StrutFit brings out the best in sexy, curvy, confident you: A total body workout for every woman! Designed to give you a sleek, slender, toned dancer’s body.
Sexy, rockin’ moves like the ones I teach on tour with the Hollywood Connection Dance Convention Tour and on set with stars like Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu, Carmen Electra, Pam Anderson, Christina Applegate, Anna Paquin, Susan Sarandon and more…

The StrutFit DVD releases in Summer 2014, but when you Subscribe to StrutFit TV today, you can watch and workout with me via special sneak peek episodes, starting with "Heat It Up" on Monday, February 17th.
When you subscribe, be sure to watch the promo and get a real feel for StrutFit. Also, please leave me a comment below. I want to hear from you!
You’ll also see Fabletics in action — Kate Hudson’s active wear company and StrutFit sponsor. They donated all of the amazing dance wear my friends and I are wearing in the promo. I’m honored to be a member of Fabletics’ Masters Program and excited to be featured in their February newsletter. And a special thanks to SKECHERS too for supplying the sneakers! We love you guys!

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Have a sweet Valentine’s Day!

Linds Xx


May 07


Sunday May 19th 5-6:30pm @SC Fitness 11108 Huston St NoHo, CA  

Join me for a Vinyasa Flow that will inspire, ignite, and give gratitude for this amazing gift called LIFE!  

For those who don’t know, I was hospitalized a month ago with an advanced case of strep pneumonia. I was in ICU for 12 days–6 days in an induced coma, and 3 days to recuperate. My near death experience has deepened my awakening and has shown me that our deepest challenges bring us closer to our true selves and our authentic purpose. My recovery has been speedy due to making my health a priority and yoga a regular practice.

My doctor said to me over and over again… “Your healthy life-style saved you.” 

I’m very excited to teach a Yoga workshop for SC Fitness!

Reserve your spot today; space is limited! 


Apr 27

Strut Fit - A LifeStyle

Strut Fit is a life style. Yes, it started out as a dance/cardio class but because of who I am and what and how I teach, it’s never just about the physical, it’s much more… It’s about the body, mind, spirit connection as well. Besides being a professional dancer and choreographer, I’m also a yoga instructor… and more than anything an artist. Strut Fit is no different…we are creating our lives thru being fully present and aware…listening to our bodies. As Strut Fit has grown, I realize, what makes Strut Fit unique and what I enjoy most about it is seeing the evolution, confidence, change and connection that women make to their own sense of who they are as females, as a feminine energy, a creative spirit - a sense of freedom and fun! Strut Fit isn’t one thing that fits tightly in a box - it’s limitless, boundless and playful.  It’s sexy from the inside out. To me, that’s really what ‘sexy’ is - feeling comfortable in your own skin, appreciating and nurturing our bodies, making our health a priority, being alive and enjoying life! …letting our hair down so it can blow in the wind…living passionately and creatively… That’s sexy…that’s Strut Fit.image

Sep 13


Strut Fit shakes things up in Los Angeles - “New Craze! New Booty, New Body!” 

Aug 31

Aug 29


STRUT AWAY THE POUNDS! Strut Fit is not your ordinary workout class. “It’s been great for women because I think they just kind of bloom from the inside out.  It gets a little extra strut going on in their step.” -Lindsley Allen
Article by Alison Miller of THE EVENING SUN - Hanover, PA

STRUT AWAY THE POUNDS! Strut Fit is not your ordinary workout class. “It’s been great for women because I think they just kind of bloom from the inside out.  It gets a little extra strut going on in their step.” -Lindsley Allen

Article by Alison Miller of THE EVENING SUN - Hanover, PA